Chromatose – Preview

I will not lie to you, the second I saw this game I thought “oh boy, another game that wants to fall into that undertale spotlight but mix it with the persona games. Oh, look at this game with a wacky cast and a strong emotional roller-coaster ride that’s just one Tumblr account away from being the next weird addiction for another generation. But, while I was right to a degree, I totally missed the mark in some spots.

This game has so much potential it is leaking out of the crack in the skull of the main character. I am a sucker for games with a decent art and musical direction and gosh darn golly does this game have a good one of those. The art style makes me just want to pick up a body pillow and eat some pocky as it Is so anime like that my weeb-sensor just broke. Only joking, but at the same time I’m not as this game does look and feel a fair bit like an anime. And the soundtrack of the demo I played just makes it even greater. 

Gameplay-wise and story-wise, think of a side scrolling RPG dating sim with a somewhat unique combat style. The character is in a coma, spoiler alert, again kidding as that is the main plot point. In a different world where all the inhabitants are comatose, your character is special as his reason for being there isn’t like the others, and it is up to you who you help or not. Of course, all these characters are complete waifu bait and I am okay with that. Combat however can be summed up like this, you get a deck that you can fill up with cards from you and all the waifus, and in combat just mash the arrow keys until all the cards are unusable in which just hit space, or you either die or win. Simple right, of course it’s not that simple and it needs strategy to pull off properly, but I have the strategic mind of a dead cat.

This game is one that I will keep an eye on as I believe it has the potential to soar above the rest and hopefully it’s destiny won’t die.

~ Lachlan Lamey

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