Check Eastward, a Pixel Art Adventure Rpg from Shanghai

If you read China as the origin of a videogame today, your mind might go to MMORpgs or MOBA games. Pixpil studio from Shanghai though has a different idea for the game they are working on. Taking inspiration from Mother 3 and the studio Ghibli films, they are creating a 2D pixel art adventure sci fi game.

The developers describe the story as such : “In the world of Eastward, human societies are isolated and shrinking, due to some severe environmental problem. You will be playing a ‘father’ with a following ‘daughter’, and go through this post-apocalyptic world.”. The game will follow similar Jrpg tropes and they want it to resemble the Zelda games as far as playing goes. The premise of the story might sound similar to other games¬†but the inspirations Pixpil studio has as a team but also as idividuals , makes this idea worth exploring. They are aiming for a more emotional story, which also draws inspiration from the developers’ life.

The pixel art graphics already look amazing and the team is working on an interesting 3D lighting style that makes the game even more alive. They are paying a lot of attention to animation, to make the world and the emotions they want to pass to the player real. Recently they announced that Joel Corelitz, who worked before in many indie games, will be their composer and sound designer, and that adds even more to the artistic presentation of Eastward.

Eastward is still in early stages but Pixpil studios seem to have given their hearts to this game, and that shows from what we’ve seen up until now. Follow them on Twitter, Tumblr and Indiedb for more updates, and make sure to check their concept on Steam. We will definitely keep an eye on Eastward.

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