Chaosbane – Preview

This week the kind creators at Eko Software, sent us over a beta copy of their new upcoming title ChaosBane. After being accused of heresy by inquisitors and trudging through the sewers, we’ve returned to share some info on the things we can look forward to in June.

As a long time Warhammer fan and ork player, i can say in confidence that most of you will agree, warhammer inspired games can be a bit of a mixed bunch. Even so much as having amazing gaming trilogy’s ravaged by terrible followup releases, such as the Dawn of War I & II being cursed with the flop that was Dawn of War III. I can Confirm though after playing through the beta that Chaosbane, will be featured alongside the better Warhammer inspired titles.

Chaosbane, primarily is a top down Diablo style dungeon crawler, set in the age of sigmar timeline. Were you and 3 other friends can rise to the occasion to combat the forces of chaos threatening destruction across the land. Starting out you’ll be greeted with a character selection screen, with access to 4 classes, knight , mage , barbarian & Ranger being the main starting archetypes of this adventure. Each Archetype features a large skill tree and gear selection, to dissect and customize your character further towards your own play style. This means even in a party of 4 knights, you’ll still feel yourself stand out from others as you quest together.

With Sprawling, detailed environments, excellent sound design and careful consideration for the lore. Chaosbane is shaping up to be a respectable addition to the warhammer lineup, one that diablo and warhammer fans alike will enjoy.

Chaosbane is currently available for pre purchase on steam for $69.95 AUD here.

Currently Chaosbane is scheduled for release on the 5th of June this year

Special thanks goes to Eko Software for granting us access to the Beta build for this preview.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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