Can’t Drive This Preview

From the creators of Chroma Gun, Pixel Maniacs, a very different title this time that will most probably have you yelling at your friends non-stop once you try it out. Can’t Drive This, is the title at talks here and although it is still on Early Access on Steam, the game is very much worth talking about so we will be showcasing why it is worth your time.

This is a Preview and not a Review simply because the game is not complete yet and is actually available on Early Access for the moment.

In Can’t Drive This, things are simple. There are only just a couple modes available for the time being but, boy oh boy are they fun alright!

Players take the role of either builder or driver and try to work together in navigating through a constantly generated on the spot track with the goal of going as far as they can. The builder gets new pieces of land to put in front of the track all the time and the driver tries to navigate through it in order to go farther ahead. One mode requires you to go forward as much as possible whereas another asks you to just drive over as many terrain tiles as possible. It matters not what mode you play on though, since the fun is pretty much the same in both cases.

This all sounds simple but as soon as you and your friend give it a couple tries, you will soon realize how much more complicated it actually is. Firstly and most importantly, the driver must keep driving over a specific speed in order to prevent his/her car from exploding, making it way more stressful than one would think. In most cases you will only be able to see one terrain tile in front you, meaning you cannot really plan ahead or anything like that. Communication is key and the builder must also be fast as well as good at what he/she does, placing the tiles in the right position and at the right spot fast enough for the driver to go through them. Not only that, but the builder must also have good communication with the driver in order to make his/her life easier with going through various tiles with certain obstacles.

The best part is actually when a tile with a turn is placed, basically leaving the driver blind for a few seconds since he/she does not know what will come up next. The game helps with all of the communication of course since it allows both players to see each other’s screen throughout the entire playthrough. The controls are but a few and are very easy to learn and get used to, allowing the game to be enjoyable from the very first few runs in it already. There are customization options for both terrain pieces as well as the car and those are pretty much the only thing we got when it comes to being able to alter the gameplay of the game.

The title is of course in Early Access and is therefore far from complete yet. We can see a few blurred out, potentially upcoming, modes and other than that we can only imagine that Pixel Maniacs will add a whole lot more to the game before it is fully released. Fans’ hopes are that the game will have more added to it soon, at least before the release of the studio’s next game which is titled Escape The Loop, which also looks very promising and very different from what we are used to from the studio thus far.

The game is available on Steam (Early Access) for the price of 9,99€.

~Constantine “Kelfecil” Christakis

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