Cake Bash Review

We’ve seen quite a few couch party games come out in the past couple of years and they are all trying to do the same thing; get our attention and find a permanent spot in our multiplayer go-to list. High Tea Frog thought about this and decided to make something that will achieve exactly that goal. Enter the wonderfully sweet world of Cake Bash.

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Cake Bash is your classic 4-player party brawler where you have your own character and you compete against 3 others in various mini-games. Simple concept and simple idea but with a very cute take on it. Cake Bash plays all around sweets and desserts. You choose your own little special dessert as your character, you choose your color and you jump into action right away.

The game consists of various modes where you have to either brawl it out or play less fight-intensive mini-games. There’s a nice variety for both, making the game’s content have quite the replayability. There’s times where you have will have to throw little fruit on top of a cake and there’s times where you will have to cook marshmallows. Whatever you are doing, you better make sure you are doing it better than the rest so that you can end up getting the most gold coins at the end of each round.

Why do you need gold coins? To go Topping Shopping of course.

After every two rounds you end up going to the shop. This is where you spend your hard-earned coins to buy toppings which go on top of your character. Three of a kind and you get a combo. There’s also a dispenser where you can try your luck and either get a topping for a cheaper price or a stinky topping which you’ll have to get rid off.

Why buy toppings? To be more appealing to customers at the end of the game of course. Whichever dessert has the most points (based on the toppings you have) is the one that will get bought and therefore wins the game. Yes, being the one that gets eaten is the victory condition here.

The thing that stands out the most in the game though are not the fun game modes or the concept of playing mini-games and then buying toppers. The main attraction of the game is the game’s look. The game features a beautiful array of visuals with cartoon-like animations and perfectly designed 3D characters that come to life with their stick-like arms, legs and drawn faces. Playing the game feels really good due to the fluid movement of everything in it and just makes you want to smack your opponents more and more.

The sound of the game is not something too unique but it does the job of setting the playful patisserie atmosphere quite well. The sound effects on the other hand, are quite amazing and I cannot imagine the game existing without them. Punching an opponent and hearing the comical sound that comes with it is just so satisfying.

Last but not least, the unlockable characters bring a whole new “taste” to the game. For me and my group of friends, it became a reason to keep playing the game even more just because we wanted to explore what other kind of wacky and sweet characters are hidden in the game.

Oh, the puns too. The puny names of everything in the game is worth mentioning too. Cakematching is something I won’t forget anytime soon.

Cake Bash is the kind of game that seeks to find a place in lists that include other party games that you will end up playing with your couch or online play group. I can see this playing in the background of many parties in the future and for that, I wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone that wants a fun game for their playgroup. It’s fun, it’s funny and it looks amazingly cute. What more can you ask of a party game?

You can find Cake Bash on Steam. It is developed by High Tea Frog and published by Coatsink.

You can watch the game’s trailer here.

You can follow the game’s news on Coatsink’s discord channel.

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

We would like to thank the developers/publishers for providing us with a copy of this game for coverage purposes. As a non-commercial press team, it is our honor and our delight to be able to provide our opinion on it.

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