BUCK Returns.

2018 was a rough year for Wave Interactive and their development of BUCK: Saturday Morning Cartoon Apocalypse. This week however brought good news from the designer Gal, Who had information on Buck’s plans going forward to share with us.

Before and after comparison

Buck released in early 2017 to steam early access after a marginally successful kick-starter campaign and had a warm reception but it has been plagued by unfortunate setbacks at every turn. The game’s engine unexpectedly needed an entire reworked and at the same time their main programmer, had to also take time for an important personal matter. Support for the game also dipped once steams green light system was removed, this threw an additional blow to the studio’s already struggling budget.

Lucky the team has been able to make good traction in 2019. Gal informing gamer’s this week, that buck will be able to release it’s new version to steam hopefully sometime around May. We’ll be sure to bring you a preview on it’s massive progress once the update releases.

You can see the full developer update here.

You can purchase BUCK: Saturday Morning Cartoon Apocalypse on steam early access for USDĀ 9.99 or your regional equivalent here.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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