Bossgard – Preview

Bossgard, is a brutal, viking themed, arena combat party game for you and up to 5 friends; Created by Sand Sailor Studio and released late last month to the delight of all Giant Boss monsters everywhere.

Bossgard, first and foremost is a unique casual and stylish party game with a fun premise, perfect to enjoy with a healthy mixture of beer and snacks for that all important weekly games night. With a healthy serving of multiple boss monsters, characters and maps. It’s an excellent option to add to your party game roster, alongside things like Overcooked and We Need To Go Deeper

If your a solo player however, I advise cation at this current stage of development. As much as you can play the boss monsters online, to crush unsuspecting foes while grinding for unique outfits. There isn’t much beyond those goals for now.

Never the less, we can’t wait to see what’s next during Bossgards development!

Bossgard is available on steam Early Access for $18.50 Aud or your regional equivalent here.

Special thanks goes to Sand Sailor Studio for sending us a copy for this Preview.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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