Blitz Breaker Review

DISCLAIMER: I also reviewed the game for IGN Greece (you can find said review here). This is NOT my review translated into English. I have added more personal opinions and fluff.

Summer is here and, like good gamers, we are all looking for the game(s) that we will waste it with. For most people, these games are huge open world RPGs like the Witcher 3 or Skyrim. For me, it might be Blitz Breaker.

Blitz Breaker is a game made by Boncho games, a company based in Vancouver, Canada. In Blitz Breaker we take contol of an adorable little robot, Blitz. Blitz has spent his whole life in the factory he was built in, so he decides it’s time to escape. To do that though, he has to get through many traps and enemies which are scattered around the hundred and one stages of the game.

At first sight, Blitz Breaker looks like a simple platformer game. You’ve got your spikes, your bombs, your I-die-in-one-hit character… What sets it apart from the rest of the pack is two things. The first of these is movement. For whatever reason, Blitz’s creators decided they didn’t want their robot to be able to walk or run. Instead, Blitz jumps with the spacebar and dashes with WASD. Dashing means that, when you press one of the directional buttons, Blitz flies across the screen towards the direction you selected. While moving, nothing you do will stop Blitz. The only way he stops moving is if he either dies or collides with someting, usually a wall. This makes the game different from pretty much every platformer, since moving around is not a question of the easiest path or avoiding enemies, but, rather, a question of momentum and planning ahead. You also need to be quite fast in Blitz Breaker, since, if the timer at the top of the screen reaches zero, you lose. Luckily, there are some coins you can collect to extend said time.


The other thing that sets this game apart is the exceptional level design. Most games, be they platformer games or not, eventually get stale, with no mechanics added or any other changes past a certain point. Thankfully, that does not happen in Blitz Breaker. Boncho Games has managed to include new mechanics at regular intervals, keeping the game fresh and exciting. All the stages in the game require great reflexes to play, but never try to cheat you out of a victory. Every time you lose, it’s your fault. The few bosses you will encounter are also very well made and change the way the game is played quite a bit. The only objection I have with the level design is that some of the later levels are a bit too big, making it bothersome to replay them in their entirety if we lose.

Except from the basic game mode, which in Blitz Breaker is called story, we also have the Arcade mode. In this mode you have a set number of lives, three to be exact. Die three times while playing and you lose. As the game progresses, this mode gets harder and harder, which is why there are some one ups hidden in some stages. Getting them requires some pretty trciky timing, so beware.

One thing that weirded me out about the game was the graphics. The game looks like it’s made to be played in a mobile phone or on a DS, since only the middle of the screen is used to play, with the right and left side taken up by a background image. Although this graphic style probably suits the game in terms of gameplay, it still is a bit off. On the other hand, the game’s sound is top notch. The ost for Blitz Breaker is made by the duo Fat Bard, which has also made music for many other games, like Crashlanders. Each area in the game has its own unique chiptune theme and each of them is amazing and different.

ss_fe26ff2c73e3f2409319c0a1ea07085ebebff7deBy now, you probably understand why I like the game. It is unique, quick and very, very fun. It also offers plenty of hours of enjoyment. If you take into account its extremely low price (3 euros) and its very low system requirements, you’ll realize why I’ll spend a good portion of my summer on it. This game can run on a potato and can keep you occupied for days.

You can find Blitz Breaker on Steam. There, you can also find the game’s soundtrack, which you can get for two more euros.

The Verdict:

Although Blitz Breaker has some graphical¬†issues and some minor annoyances in its level design, Boncho Games has given us a very enjoyable platformer with some very unique twists.¬†Blitz Breaker’s fun gameplay combined with the game’s low price make it a very good deal.

Rating: 7.7/10

-Philip “Snowchill” Alexandris

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