BlackSmith HIT Review

Many people in this world of ours manage to have a career choice that ends up making their job a major part of their lives. This feeling fills their personality with meaning and it reflects on their works as well since they are doing something that they enjoy a lot doing. ENTERi had the same opinion and basically made a game trying to make us love the job of a blacksmith by having us try be the best of their kind through their latest game, BlackSmith HIT.

BlackSmith HIT can be found on Steam but also on Android and iOS devices and it has a special detail that is very worth mentioning in this review. Although the game is offered for free on mobile devices (and includes microtransactions), the Steam edition of the game is at 1€. The review will focus on the fact that it’s offered at this cost on the Steam platform.

The game experience is divided into single and multiplayer mode. In single player, we are tasked with hitting the right colour of metal by using just a couple buttons. The game speeds up and slows down depending on how fast the player wants to go at first but then ends up being a fast mayhem of choices that you need to make rapidly in order to keep going. It’s all about buildling a high score basically.

This part of the game shows us that the title has a dual character to it since it depends a lot on both the handling of the controls as well as the speed in which we decided to play. There are a few alternatives when it comes to controls so that the player can decide on the style in which they want to play the game. The speed however, is something that you master the more you play the game. In single player, we also find the gold bars which give us in-game currency to later use in order to unlock various characters.

Regarding the multiplayer side of the game, the competitive nature of it is very clear. We basically get the chance to go one on one with other players in order to decide who is the best blacksmith around. We can even play online but unfortunately, this being an indie title, the online multiplayer part of it is not very lively. Although this is to be expected, that does not keep anyone back from getting online with a friend of theirs and trying out the multiplayer mode.

BlackSmith HIT is available on Steam at 0.99€ and Free on Android and iOS.


Although this is a short review, I honestly did not want to spend too much time going deeper into the game that ENTERi has created, since the games of this category (of this particular cost) usually go around moderate or good, which is often just enough to give a moderate dose of fun. For its category however, despite being the classic time-killer, BlackSmith HIT looks to be a very well built game that provides a very well made gameplay experience for both solo and multiplayer experience. The online multiplayer part of it may very well already be dead, but this can still be a game that you can enjoy with some of your friends in lan.

+ Characters and relative background

+ Flexible gameplay

 Multiplayer is unfortunately dead

Score: 6.7/10

-Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

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