Black the Fall at Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, we covered a lot of indies at the Indie Arena Booth and one of these was Black, The Fall by Sand Sailor Studio. We tried out the game and we also got the chance to talk with Cristian Diaconescu, one of the people behind the game’s development.

Cristian explained Black to us as a adventure puzzler game where the player has control of a worker at a factory who reportedly “hates his life and wants to escape from it.”

Our story is set in a communist dystopian world, where our hero, Black, gets the opportunity to escape this madness. A door in the factory he works at malfunctions and he seizes the opportunity to break free. However, the road to freedom is blocked by puzzles and all kinds of obstacles which our hero must overcome with his brain.

The team behind the game started with 3 people but since then more joined and now it has 8 people working on it. “We reiterated a lot ever since we finished our first prototype back in 2014,” explained Cristian. “We settled with the version that we are showing now at Gamescom 2016 though.” After 1.5 years of production, the game is almost ready to be fully released in Q1 of 2017 on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. “We do want to release also on consoles, such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 though.”

“Our main issue during development was chasing the funds to make the game,” said Cristian. During Gamescom 2016, we were able to play the polished demo of Black, The Fall and got to see quite a few of the mechanics in the game as well as experience its atmospheric black and white (sort of) art style. “We are here to show off what we got and get feedback for it. Playtesting is important for us and it helps us understand how we can meet our players’ expectations.”

The game currently is in Early Access and upon release it will be available for Windows and Mac. Find out more about the game on its official website and follow its developement on Twitter and Facebook.

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