bit Dungeon II Review

Roguelikes are probably the fastest growing genre of games right now, with a new one appearing nearly every week. For that reason, few of them can truly stand out. One of the games that do stand out is bit Dungeon II, a game by Kinto Games. We will be reviewing the PC version, but you can also find the game for Android and iOS, where it has some pretty good reviews as well.

In bit Dungeon II we assume the role of an undead spirit in a world full of demons. Our loved one’s grave has been desecrated, so it is up to us to fight through all the enemies on our way to her grave and bring her peace.

To do that, we have a wide range of weapons to use. Each kind of weapon relies on a different statistic. For example, in order to wield a magic staff we have to rely on our intelligence, while a hammer requires strength. Something the game does really well is give you a bit more freedom on your weapon choice. In many games, you will see a very cool weapon that you really want to use, but you will already have leveled a stat too much for the weapon to be useful. In bit Dungeon II, every time you level up, the only stats that upgrade is health and the stat you need for the weapon you are using. This means that the more you use a type of weapon the better you are with it, but it also means that you can change weapons mid game and have a decent fighting chance with them, especially after a few level ups.

Although at the beginning there are no instructions on what to do in the game, bit Dungeon II is easy to get the hang of. We start out at a bonfire that works pretty much exactly like the one in Dark Souls. Resting at it refills our health and mana and it is also the place that we can respawn at. The game’s map is split into randomly generated tiles which have many different environments, like a tundra, a castle and a forest. We need to find our way through said tiles, fighting enemies and bosses until we reach the grave of our loved one. Both the enemies we will face and the environments they are at are beatifully made, making everything we see unique in its own way. The only thing that bothers me about the enemies we fight is that there are too few of them. Each area of the game has only two or three different enemies and that can get quite repetitive, especially if we are backtracking. The bosses are  a different story however. They are all very well made and extrememely memorable in terms of their design.

Just like most other Roguelikes, bit Dungeon II also features Permadeath. However, it’s not exactly like the Permadeath you’ve come to know and love (or hate, I don’t judge). If our character dies once, he will have a chance to try again, respawning back at the bonfire. Permadeath means that we will have to be extremely careful when fighting enemies. Luckily, the game features automatic attacks. We just have to be close to the enemy, and the AI does the rest. This means that we can focus more of our attention on dodging attacks and staying alive. All in all, the game’s enemies are really not that tough, apart from the bosses, which can kill you in a few hits.

Generally, I greatly enjoyed my time with bit Dungeon II. The automatic attack system means that the game is a touch faster that most of its kind while remaining a challenging opponent. The variety in weapons and the abilities they have meant that I never got bored of looting, while the enemies I faced were for the most part memorable and interesting. Granted, the game has some issues, like the lack of enemy variety or the absence of tutorials, which make the game have quite a high learning curve. However, if you can look past that, you will find a Roguelike that can provide you with entertainment for a lot of hours.

You can find bit Dungeon II on Steam for 4 euros.


bit Dungeon II is a quick paced roguelike that can keep you company for a long time. Although its problems may turn a few people away, those that stay will not regret it.

+ Memorable enemies.

+The weapon system.

No tutorials whatsoever.

Lack of variety in enemies.

Score: 7.4/10

-Philip “Snowchill” Alexandris

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