Bear With Me at Gamescom 2016

Exordium Games was also at the Indie Arena Booth of Gamescom 2016 showcasing its newest game, Bear With Me. We had the chance to play their long demo of the game and also chatted with the developers about a few things.

Juraj Jurakovic told us that Bear With Me is in essence a point and click, black and white, 2D adventure game. The art style of it is very comic like and has quite a few light horror elements. “The main goal was to have the game feel as noir as possible,” said Juraj.

Being haunted by nightmares, Amber wakes up in the middle of the night only to find out that her brother Flint is missing. She seeks help from her trusted teddy, Ted E. Bear, a retired grumpy old detective.

The dynamic duo sets out to hunt for clues and interrogate all the witnesses and suspects unaware of the dangers that recently started happening to residents of Paper City.

The plot thickens as a mysterious “red man” has been seen starting fires around Paper City and looking for little miss Amber.

Exordium Games had two booths, one in the public area and one in the business area. The company was there for all sorts of marketing and promotion purposes but also in order to “show the players what we are working on.”

The studio behind the game is comprised of 14 people and they have been working on the game for about 1.5 to 2 years now. “We have been working steadily though ever since half a year ago,” noted Juraj. The studio said that they are going through intensive development at the moment and one of the main difficulties they are facing is managing to get the voice acting together with the animation. Another hard part of the development is being able to get the art style as right as possible so that the noir feeling of the game is still there. “We have a lot of different artists, so consistency in art for the game is hard to achieve sometimes.”

The world feels as if it is set in the past, with a somewhat post-prohibition style. It has a black and white appeal to it but as Juraj said, “it is hard to achieve that because we are only using the black and white colours.”

The game is already released and we were told that we can expect the second episode of the game sometime before the end of 2016. “There will be 5 episodes for the game, very much like how Telltale Games handles its adventure games, with an episode coming out every 3 months.”

You can take a look at Bear With me through its Steam Page. You can also follow its developers on Twitter and their website.

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