BATALJ – Preview

Batalj is the new up and coming start for Fall Damage releasing in 2019.
As an online turn-based action strategy game, it feels influenced heavily from the likes of Xcom and Final Fantasy’s advanced tactics.

Batalj’s main focus is on the 1v1 aspect, placing it’s players in confined arena’s with control points you have to focus on and 3 unique factions to chose from.

The 3 categories these factions fall into are the Re-Linked (hit and run tactics), Rusters (slow no nonsense tanks), Splicers (cloak and dagger tactics). While still maintaining enough variety in their respective faction to allow you some creative liberty when building your unique faction team.

While still early days Batalj is shaping up to be an interesting release for this year. However, there is some cause for concern, being purely online focused without a story mode, might prove longevity issues for the game and studio. We’ll have to wait and see what plans they have come release.

Thanks goes to Fall Damage for providing us with beta access for this preview.

If your interested in finding out more about BATALJ you can access the steam page here.

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