Ayo the Clown is now on Kickstarter

Ayo the Clown, a game which promises to take us back to the 90s, the golden era of platformer games, is now on Kickastarter and its developers, Cloud M1, need your support to fully fund it.

According to the game’s Kickstarter (which you can find here), Ayo the Clown comes packed with a lot of cool features.

-Instead of saving the same old princess, you will be saving a lovely dog.

-You start with no skills and then acquire them along the way.

Story heavy with a lot of awesome side quests.

Collect comic book pages to read about the epic prequel.

-Ride a tank and fly a helicopter.

Collect accessories to look clown-tastic.

-Solve light puzzles and challenges.

Purchase goodies in the town hub.

-Explore TONS of secret areas and hidden gems.

On top of all of that, as one can see from the trailer, the game looks very pretty and sports some very interesting backgrounds. Moreover, the idea of comic book pages as story is something that I personally always liked in video games.

If Ayo the Clown has intrigued you, you also can find a pre-alpha demo on the Kickstarter page to try the game out. You can also check out the game’s Twitter, Facebook and Website.

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