Awesomenauts is going Free to Play with a huge update

Awesomenauts, the 3v3 MOBA platformer, one of PC gamers’ favourite multiplayer games for years now, is going free to play on May 24th with a huge update beta coming today, one hour from when this article is released.

Ronimo Games, the company behind Awesomenauts, had this to say about the Free to Play switch:

“Awesomenauts is going free-to-play on Steam soon, on May 24th to be precise! At Ronimo, we’ve been wanting to open up the game for everyone for a long time. It’s a great way to make the game more enticing for new players and easier to share for existing players. However, it has taken us a while to get the game ready, because we wanted to make sure we do it right.

Over the last year we have been working hard towards a great feature set by releasing a new, AAA-level matchmaking system, online replays and live spectator mode, and a level editor along with Steam Workshop integration. And next week we’ll top it off by releasing the beta for the free-to-play update. It will bring new features, new customization options, and a completely overhauled progression system.”

Some of the new features include a new, revamped tutorial that will delve deeper into MOBA tactics, a new progression system which will allow players to level up both their profile and their characters – giving them rewards for both – and the inclusion of medals for various accomplishments.

On top of that, the game will change in regards to buying items. Real money can now be used not only to buy skins, but also for player characters and droppods. Finally, a new currency called Awesomepoints has been introduced. You can get Awesomepoints through matchmade games. With them, you will also be able to buy characters, droppods, and profile portraits.

Awesomenauts has always had a cult, fan-favourite status in gaming, but the price dissuaded some from getting into it. With this move, Romino has now opened the game up to everyone. What’s even better, the company is not forgetting its previous playerbase. To be more specific, nobody will lose any content during the transition to this next iteration of Awesomenauts. Instead, every player’s previously owned content will be unlocked for them, while they will also get a Founder’s medal for owning the game before April 26th. Moreover, people who have both Awesomenauts and the game’s two expansions will get the new ‘Awesomenauts All Nauts Pack’, which will grant them all playable characters for free, including the ones that will be released later on in the game’s lifetime.

During the one month that the game will be going through the beta, existing players will have the chance to contribute feedback to Romino about the changes they are making, while new players will be invited for the beta too.

In my opinion, these changes signify Awesomenauts’ turn to a more open kind of MOBA, adding elements from the kings of the genre such as League of Legends to the mix. The game has been going strong for five years now, and I really believe that this move will bring a surge of new players, which will allow Romino to improve the game even more.

You can check out Awesomenauts on Steam.

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