Awesomenauts Gamescom 2017 Interview

It is not a secret that Awesomenauts is one of my all-time favorites when it comes to indie games, but also talking to the developers of Ronimo is always refreshing and quite a delight, since we get to hear about new things being worked on by the company behind one of the most loved indie moba games.

We found Ronimo during Gamescom 2017 at their awesome booth at Hall 10.1 and we had a little chat with Jasper about what is going on with the game and the studio in general.

There is not much new content to show at the moment from as Jasper explained to us, but the fact that the game just went Free To Play is a huge deal for the studio and showcasing it an expo such as Gamescom, has a huge impact on the numbers of the game’s player base. “We are very much focused on the new players at the moment,” said Jasper, continuing by saying that they have been tracking various variables closely lately, so that they can tend to the needs of their players even more effectively.

“The revamp of the tutorial was something very interesting from a developer’s perspective, since we thought one like it was not even needed. However, it seems that the numbers say that one is needed, since people who do not go through a tutorial, tend to do worse afterwards,” said Jasper, talking about one of the big changes they had to do with the launch of Free To Play.

The studio is working hard on Awesomenauts content and support at the moment but Jasper did leave us with a couple hints telling us that the studio might be up to some other stuff as well. Those things though, are to be revealed at a later date as Ronimo has plans for all their upcoming announcements.

For more info, take a look at the game’s Facebook and Steam pages as well as its Website.

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