ATLAS – A Disaster At Sea?

Atlas finally released onto steam early access this week, developed by instinct games and grapeshot games, the game has suffered massive perils within it’s first 24 hours after launch. Steam reviews currently sit at 77% negative reviews out of a source of almost 4,000 let’s take a look as to why.

It starts with a humble set of several false starts and delays throughout the course of December. After the second time this happened players started to get impatient concerned they may be set up for disappointment.

Upon it’s release however it seems those worst fears have grown fruit.
Gamer’s have already uncovered the games poorly hidden Ark source Code inside the main menu, it clearly shows an old interface for Ark: Survival Evolve alluding to this game being originally planned DLC?

Looking past that they’ve been mass sever issues inflicted upon it’s player base throughout launch as well. With large amounts of buyers waiting to connect at the main menu and mass discord bans to players raising concerns after several hours have passed. What makes it even worse though, is that Streamers have access to a private sever to play this game without hassle, this undoubtedly has driven a wedge between streamers and paying customers as they sit and wait for the sever issues to be resolved on their end.

Time will tell if Atlas can recover from such a nasty launch but with Christmas mere days away will it be in time?

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