Journal: Assumptious Pretension

Journal ~ XX

Tread with care as this article is full of opinions.

Before we start burning every last part of our consciousness, let’s just say that the events of the last two days, both the bombing in Lebanon as well as the terrorist attacks in Paris, are just atrocious acts of people who not only have distorted beliefs of righteousness but also do not really count as “humans” in the eyes of anyone at the moment.


What I want to talk about though, has to do more with perception rather than the events themself. We all know they are terrible. We are all doing our best to help. Others by being next to those people, others by praying (if you do believe in that) and others by doing all sorts of other things. No, we are not here to talk about that. Perception.

Now, how fast were people to assign blame? For the love of all that you have holy in your life people, why do you feel the need to immediately point fingers? I know that the attack was now claimed to be an ISIS attack, but still, my facebook and tweeter feed was full of so much bullcrap yesterday. No, not the people praying, not the people asking if everyone is alright. I’m talking about all those fuckers that found a good chance to talk about anarchy, capitalism and politics.


Are you serious? Are YOU even trying to see the bigger picture? When did you realize that yourself? Why did you suddenly just now decide to post about terrorism when a day before that, bombs were falling on the heads of people across several other countries and you were posting your favorite song of the day on youtube. There are people who don’t even have music during their days, let alone a favorite song. All they hear is screams and all they feel is the endless fear of hearing another piercing and searing sound of a bomb falling from the sky.

I am not trying to assign blame here and redirect the hate. What I am trying to say is that if you really want to say you are woken up, then you should start doing the “provoke awareness” thing a lil’ bit more often than every time that it seems suitable for your social media recognition needs. Grasp the feeling that everyone around is just like you. If you want to actually “stop living in fear” start seeing the ACTUAL bigger picture.

“Hey, you stupid shit, who are you to judge everyone else?”… one would definitely respond in this case.

Well, I am someone who does the simple thing of recognizing the situation and deciding to not go too much into it or stay too much out of it either. I feel bad for all these people, I offer my help to anyone I can help in whichever way I can. But I don’t go out of my way to show, each and every single person I know out there, what I am doing. Right now, we either all focus on this or we just keep on living our lives the way we lived ’em before.


Harsh. Very harsh. But so is life.

If you really do want to help, then you should just do that instead of spending half of your days trying to promote your “sensitive” online image. I am literally tired of all the bullcrap I see from people on my feeds. Unfortunately, so is my line of work that I can’t start removing one after another, since the bigger my reach, the better I am doing in my own personal life. That’s how my work goes, sorry my dear readers.

We all know that those events are happening every day and yet we only choose to give them attention when it suits us best.

“Oh hey, Lebanon got bombed.”

5 minutes later.

“You want milk in your coffee?”

“Oh my god, Paris got bombed.”

5 minutes later.


Where’s my fucking prayforlebanon hashtag? Huh? You two-faced piece of shit? Don’t you care about the people over there? I believe I am allowed to hate you as much as you hate me for saying that “life is just like that and you should deal with it.” When you start being an actual helper and not just a fuckin’ watcher with an opinion, then come back to me and we can have a proper conversation.

Yap, I can feel your support through your french-colored profile image. You know, that one where you drinking are that starbucks coffee.

The people I admire, are not the people that spend but a month helping the refugee crisis in a remote Greek island, but the people that since the time they woke up, have spent their time and lifeforce into helping others. I know a couple and I admire them like none else in my life. Despite what their ulterior motives might be, which I am definitely not going to analyze, what I see is people helping people and the best thing I can do is learn from that. I feel that as much of a nice guy as I might be myself, I will never get to the point where I will be able to leave all selfish feelings behind and just go for a life of helping only others.

My point here is that. Unless you can do that, stop fuckin’ using the media to bring attention to your stupid beliefs. Do it to help, but please, oh please, limit it to that.

Bottomline; people are pricks. At least so I believe. There is good in everyone, but with all the shit that is rolling out, I wouldn’t blame anyone for being a prick in situations like these. At least there are still things that we can believe in so that we are kept in a “straight” line. I am not against religion but look at where beliefs got us as well. “You can’t judge religion,” and “you can’t judge beliefs.” Well done.

It’s just like the simple analogy of people watching porn and not admitting to doing so. There are still a lot of people that are ashamed of saying that they do, whereas others are so open about it that they are willing to even go naked on the streets in order to showcase their sexuality openly. What kind of fucked up analogy is that? Well, you can look at it as porn being the fact that most people don’t give a shit about the world burning most of their days. Not too many being open about that though right? And look at how those that are indeed open about it are treated.

I personally feel like I will be getting a lot of hate about this but you have to understand that I am not saying “things are ok, just keep living your life.” What I am saying is more in the lines of “do something that matters” because what is happening at the moment is just distorting the reality of things and making certain events more tragic than others thus creating a fraction in social groups across the world.


This goes deeper than your bullshit-ass persona that you put on facebook every day though and I really do not have the time to keep on doing this. It was cool to get all these things out of my system though. Thank you for reading, and please, if you want to have a discussion, I am always up for openly discussing opinions.

The world will burn from its own shit at the end of the day anyway, so I wonder why I even bother wasting my time worrying and writing articles instead of playing video games.

-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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