Assassins Vs Pirates Review

Deadbit’s first Steam game, is a multiplayer, couch party game called Assassins Vs Pirates. As the name implies the players get involved in epicly hilarious battles between assassins and pirates, fighting for domination! Featuring adorable graphics, fast paced action and a unique game mode Assassins Vs Pirates looks very promising. Will it be able to stand up to its expectations? Let’s find out.

The game features both local co-op as well as online multiplayer. However, when I tried to find a match to join the list was empty, something which is usual for most indie games. On my previous review about Moribund I complained about indie games with huge multiplayer potential not featuring online modes, but we can see that even when these modes are supported no one really uses them! As a result, there only two ways left to enjoy the game. You can either host a match with friends who also happen to own the game or join theirs or play locally with a friend or two.

Assassins Vs Pirates has three game modes in store for us. The first is of course Team Deathmatch with all the familiar rules, where player team battle for the most kills. The kills are ease to achieve, since the basic attack is an insta kill. Simple dash to your enemy and cut his down with one button! The next game mode is Treasure Hunt. On Treasure Hunt players have to collect golden coins and pile them up in their base, while avoiding being cut down by their enemies. The first team to reach to gold goal wins! The third and most interesting game mode is the Artifact. In the center of the map there is a flying Relic which each times wants to bring back to their base so they can expand it. However, the Relic cannot move except when it is fed souls. Each time someone is killed their souls goes to the Relic and the Relic moves closer to the enemy team’s base. To stop it and gain control of it again, the losing team must kill their enemies. This is repeated until the Relic finally reaches a base. A truly chaotic game where a single wrong move might change the flow of the match.

Since the combat of Assassins Vs Pirates is extremely deadly, the game utilizes vertical movement as well. The players can climb onto buildings and ships to escape enemies and even surprise them with an attack from above. The ability to utilize so freely the Y axis on such a game, gives a big twist on the combat and makes battles unpredictable and nerve-wrecking. What is more, up to eight players can play simultaneously and that is when total chaos happens. Just imagine trying to collect coins and carry them back, while avoiding 4 flying assassins, coming to you from all directions!

In terms of aesthetics I can say that I am quite pleased with the game. It adopts a cartoony look, but looks well-polished. The animations could use some work though. One feature that really caught my attention is the ability to change the skins of the characters. Each faction features many skins, most of which are references to popular culture, such as Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Mortal Kombat and even Jack… Daniels! I really appreciate it when a developer includes such references in their game.

For Deadbit’s first attempt at making game, which is also multiplayer, I believe Assassins Vs Pirates is an impressive result of hard work and sets solid foundations for an even more impressive future. We wish you the best!

Our team really enjoyed this game and you can find a recording of our livestream featuring Assassins Vs Pirates here.

You can find Assasins Vs Pirates on Steam for 7,99€.


Assassins Vs Pirates is a great multiplayer game aimed to people who want to relax and have fun with friends. With three game modes, and one of which truly unique, plenty of skins and fast paced combat, I believe that this adorable game will find earn many fans, while it shows great potential for the company’s future. My only complaint is that while there is online multiplayer support, there is no one available to play with.

A unique game mode, Artifact.
Plenty of skins
– Lack of online matches

Score: 7,8/10
Dimitris “Onel” Zarachanis

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