Art of Rally Review

I had been looking at buying the game Absolute Drift for quite a while and when I did, I was very pleasantly surprised with it. The game was extremely hard to learn but at the same time very rewarding. Driving the car felt amazing and whenever you made a good drift, it seriously felt awesome.

So many fancy words for a game that is not today’s topic though. Well, the folks over at Funselektor Labs Inc. decided to make another game that is all about driving and this time, they called it Art of Rally.

The game plays very much like its predecessor, with more or less the same camera view that made driving around really fun in a way that other racing games don’t exactly feel the same. The camera angle though is not the only good thing about Art of Rally. What immediately becomes clear is that the game is all about minimalism. Starting the game drops you right into action and allows you to learn the driving controls as well as the feel of it through free roaming in quite a large area. I actually spent the first twenty minutes just driving around in that area and I really enjoyed it.

As soon as you are done goofing around though, you can drop back to the menu and just right into the various rally series. The racing is all about time trials of course but the maps are always new since they always generated on the spot. You can actually choose the difficulty and the how important car-damage is every time you start a championship. This makes the game much easier to progress through compared to the studio’s previous game where mastering the controls was the only way to push forward.

There’s a good amount of text info on all the cars too by the way which makes it quite interesting to read now and then during car selection. This text gives you actual information on the story of each car and their engines. The game looks amazing with the low-poly graphics standing out even more than they did in the studio’s previous game. The natural sunlight on all the objects in the game gives the game a whole new style and it allows it to really feel different in all its different stage environments. The snow race tracks were my favorites by far.

The game is of course very hard to master and I can imagine only the most hardcore of rally racers becoming super good at it, but Art of Rally is a game that I could suggest to anyone that enjoys racing games with a good gameplay feel through well made driving controls. The game does not stress you at all and it includes enough content to keep you racing to unlock more and more.

You can find Art of Rally on Steam. It is developed by Funselektor Labs Inc.

You can watch the game’s trailer here.

You can follow the game’s news on the company’s discord channel.

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

We would like to thank the developers/publishers for providing us with a copy of this game for coverage purposes. As a non-commercial press team, it is our honor and our delight to be able to provide our opinion on it.

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