Arcen Games pulls latest game off Steam three days after release

Arcen Games, an indie studio focused on strategy games, has not been doing that well recently. Back in January, the studio announced that although their latest games, Starward Rogue, was enjoying critical success, its sales were not going well at all. This meant that the studio had to lay off a lot of people and also that much rested on the shoulders of its latest game In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor. As it turns out however, In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor did even worse than Starward Rogue, causing the studio to pull the game from Steam three days into its Early Access and announcing that it would be released as a Free to Play game.

On a post on the game’s Steam page, Chris Park, the company’s CEO, explained his reasons for pulling the game this early. In another post, Chris announced the next move of Arcen, which is launching a kickstarter about AI War 2, the sequel to the game that made the company what it is today. This Kickstarter will apparently launch next month.

As it stands right now, it seems that the company has quite the financial problem, which means that AI War 2 might make or break Arcen. If that is the case, we sincerely hope everything works out for the company.

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