CIBOS, another jewel from Kickstarter

I am a Dog -Studio” a small indie studio from Strasburg was busy with their latest project, CIBOS, which was live on Kickstarter almost a month ago, and made it to its goal.

The CIBOS are little aliens who are always working. Your mission consists of collecting the most bolts possible in a waste processing plant and if you do well enough, you may become the employee of the year, or even the galaxy! The game offers a satyric approach, a metaphor on the world of employment. CIBOS is a casual action platformer game which is fun and very dynamic, with an original graphic take on it. It is intended to come to PC and Mac. The main goal on Kickstarter was 10000$.

According to the press release, the whole experience of the game is based on Online features such as online solo. A scenario takes place level by level, with objectives that once completed allow you to unlock the next levels. In online you play against players around the globe and your scores are put on a global leaderboard. The game boasts 16 levels that are spread across 4 worlds for the purpose of online play.  Multiplayer allows for up to 4 players in free for all and 2 against 2 in teams. Players will also be able to create their own tournaments.

For more information on CIBO follow the game on its official website, Facebook and Twitter.


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