All I Have Is Time Gamescom 2017 Interview

All I Have Is Time is THREAKS’ newest game. Not much has been known about it until Gamescom, except from the fact that it is a science-fiction action game. Read on to discover everything the developers revealed to us about it!

The first interview and game we played at Gamescom was All I have Is Time and I must say that the idea behind the game is very interesting. The game is a sci fi action adventure and is based around the key mechanic of jumping between various points in the timeline of the main character. This mechanic is used very interestingly in puzzles, something we found out at the 5 minute demo we tried.

The developers THREAKS are a mix of veterans and new cuts, with 9 years of experience. They received a 150.000€ funding from E.U. for Creative Europe and they have been developing the game for half a year. The build we saw at Gamescom was quite interesting and allowed to see a couple things that will be important in the game, like the core mechanic of it.

We were told that the prototype for All I have Is Time was first prepared two years ago and it started as a project that was going to be a narrative-driven story. “I find a little bit of myself through it” said one of the main developers of the project, explaining that the story is mostly about grief and how one deals with it.

The project was apparently very interesting for the team to work on and having talked to one of their newer members, he told us that “I knew they weren’t going to stop making new games and that is why I applied to join the team.” That is indeed very true for THREAKS which has proved to be a company with a surprise every time we see them.

What we saw at Gamescom 2017 was just a teaser and it was only meant to give us hints of how the game is going to look when it is complete. Last but not least, we left with the question of what was the most challenging thing in developing the game and we were told that “not always being able to build up tension” was one of the main issues, since the time travelling mechanic can nullify much of the intense experience, since the player can just avoid it through a click of a button, therefore making the narrative difficult to force from the developer’s perspective.

You can check out All I Have Is Time through THREAKS’ Facebook and website

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