Alien Swarm Returns

Alien Swarm was a side project of a few Valve developers way back in the day, all of which had started out as mod makers. It was a completely free to play multiplayer game, putting four space marines against a bug-like alien, mixing squad tactics and co-op play. Even now, seven years after its release, the game stands at Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam, with10,000 reviews. The newest ones still praise how fun the game is, but lament the fact that the community is nearly gone. That changed a few days ago, when Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop found its way to Steam.

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop comes from the Reactive Drop Team, a group of modders who have been working on the original game a long time. This is immediately obvious from the huge list of improvements listed on Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop’s Steam page. To name a few:

  • The game can now be played with double the amount of people, that is, a team of 8.
  • New challenges, campaigns and PvP formats have been added.
  • There are now more weapons and aliens.
  • The game has Steam Workshop integration for more maps and challenges from the community.

Looking at the game, it is obvious a lot of work has gone into it, with more to come. For fans of the old Alien Swarm and fans of free multiplayer shooters alike, Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop seems ready to captivate them.


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