Airheart at Gamescom 2016

Blindflug Studios, the makers of the awesome mobile game Cloud Chasers, came back to Gamescom, with a new game, this time for PC/Mac. They showed us Airheart which is the successor of Cloud Chasers and we were able to see the game and talk to the developers.

Airheart is a dieselpunk action game about a young woman, who flies her airplane and catches skyfish among beautiful sky islands. Amelias biggest dream is to reach the stratosphere and to bring down the legendary Skywhale, which promises riches and fame for a lifetime.

In the world she lives in, fishing isn’t a hobby – it’s a risky and competitive job. Amelia needs to venture deep into deadly territory, avoiding sky pirates and automated security drones. Dive in the beautiful but dangerous world of flying islands, reach higher and higher, buy new airplane parts and weapons you need. Could you be the one to bring down the skywhale?

Jeremy told us that Airheart is basically a roguelike with airplanes. The game takes place in Granaria, a floating city with all the upper and lower class distinctions being clearly visible and it is basically set 10 years after the end of Cloud Chasers.

The game’s development started in January 2016 and is planning to go in Early Access in late September for PC and Mac. There is a plan for a full release sometime in the summer of 2017. There are also plans for releasing the game on consoles too. “We will be doing monthly updates for sure if that happens,” said Jeremy, talking about the console release.

“Our biggest difficulty thus far was basically the technical challenges that we faced due to the fact that we wanted everything to be happening within one camera frame. It is very modular and we wanted people to be rooted in the small universe of that city.”

Airheart completed its Steam Greenlight phase and is preparing for a Steam release.

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