Adventure Pals has a new Trailer

Indie development studio Massive Monster, the company behind the soon-to-launch indie game for children (and not only), Adventure Pals, announced that their game now has a new, funnier, better looking and more exciting overall trailer to hype its upcoming release. You can watch it below.

As seen on the official Kickstarter announcement that was made:

We worked with Trailer Squad to help bring the trailer into reality and worked closely with them to help emphasise all the giraffe goodness. Below is a little snippet of the intro animated sequence I worked on with fellow Massive Monster Jimp. I started off by creating a very rough sequence introducing the pals one by one & bringing them together. Jimp took this to create an ‘animatic’ of similar inspiration from which I went over it & included some frame by frame goodness.

We’re looking forward to sharing some more exciting news soon – there are some things we are very excited about but aren’t able to share just yet! – Along with a more detailed schedule & plan for the game. But until then we continue to work hard on The Adventure Pals every day and I hope you can remain patient with us as we polish this gem of a game. :) 

We’ve been focusing on fixing the game breaking bugs, balancing level design, levelling up and abilities as we complete reworking all the levels with the new enemies and mechanics we described in our previous two updates. We are keen to get The Adventure Pals to the point where we can open up the Beta to our Beta backers, we aren’t there yet but will let you know as soon as we are.

We’ve been listening to you guys and so have deliberately not done many more events so that we can stay focused on getting the game to the finish line.

Thanks again for all your support :)
– Julian <3 

 Are you as excited as we are to try out Adventure Pals? It may be a children’s game but it sure does look amazingly fun to play and we are sure it will give us many hours of awesome platforming enjoyment.

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