Journal: Accelerated Time Compression

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Quite a confusing title, wouldn’t you say? Well, don’t be mistaken, this journal entry doesn’t have anything to do with actual theories around time compression. On the contrary, it has to do with me wanting to talk about how my life has reached the point where time is leaking here and there without me even realizing how much is not left at the end of each day.

So I attended my new study today for the first time. New class and cool new classmates I gotta admit, way more diverse in both age and cultural background than what I’ve seen in the past in any other study I’ve taken. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the accelerated program, but having seen their faces while they were introducing themselves, they either seemed nervous about the program or excited for destroying it and progressing to the 2nd year “like a baus.” The nervous part is something quite normal though, especially considering the amount of things we were told we will need to do as accelerated program students. Seriously, two years in one is not an easy task and despite being sure I am more than adequate to stand up to such a challenge, I even can’t help but be worried in some cases about how some things will go down in the end.

The plan is to “nail” the study. In order to do that and actually continue doing the things I do though, there will have to be a lot of proper organizing and scheduling of my time. That miniscule amount of free time I had for relaxing and actually just playing a random game in my Steam library is basically gone and now I will have to keep even my gaming time organized for the times I will need to review a certain game. Sounds stressful and it really is, but you have to understand that, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it. Just like any other person who is spending half his/her day working on his/her dream project(s), I, too, do spend most of my time working on things I love.

A lot of people say that you can’t really even be part-time working if you are taking an accelerated program, but I am more than willing to put that to a test this year. I won’t go as far stretch it all the way to the end of the semester though. What I’ll do instead, is see how the first two months go this way and if I am not tired just keep on doing what I’m doing. If I am, it goes without saying that I will drop most other things in order to give my full focus where it’s needed. At my studies.


The Hague University Campus

“Oh Kelf, stop blabbering about how little time you have and stuff, everyone’s like that!” Is everyone really like that though? Answer me that simple question by putting yourself and some of your friends in my case and ask yourself if you would be able to do that. I am not trying to boast here though. What I am trying to do, is show you that like many others before us, who worked their asses off, we sometimes can’t go on vacation every year just because “we think we deserve it.” We can’t have free time to play games every week and we can’t have the cool student social lives most people have when they are doing their studies.

Despite the accelerated program being some demanding, it all comes down to what makes you happy. I would say that I am one of those people that are at the edge of being a workaholic. I can’t go through a day without doing something productive because, it just, feels, silly. It feels like I wasted my day without doing anything that would improve my future. Take that too far though and you need special psychological treatment. Hence the whole “I deserve a vacation” thing, which although quite fair and understandable, not always feasible on the other hand since in most cases, leaving things in a pause is not your best choice.

So take some time and consider for yourselves, what is it that drives us to complete a study in the first place? Like Dexter’s classmates said in the infamous “Copping an Aptitude” episode of Dexter’s Laboratory, “party now, study later.” Is that how we usually do it, or is it the other way around. Why do we study now and party later? What is the actual advantage of that when, if organized well, you know you have the adequate amount of time to study for it later. Same goes for doing something like the things I do. Why start working on things when you can just do them later? Why not enjoy life as a student and do your future’s “studying” later?

So many questions.. I’m really sorry. You see I’m coming down with the flu and I am writing gibberish about being a student and how one should manage his time. I mean, I’m quite surprised some of you even read my stuff. Then again, I think of all the things that one could find funny or interesting (in some wondrous way) in some of my articles and I reassure myself I am not entirely boring in the end of the day.

My novel is also going pretty well and all other things I’m working on are basically looking great at the moment. I’m particularly very excited about the Dutch Netrunner Nationals weekend that is coming up next week and I honestly can’t wait to get to see all our European friends again for some games of good ole’ NR.

Biggest fear of starting a new study? Group projects with new people. Let’s hope this time, I get to actually learn from other people through them and not just try to go through every hurdle the group presents me along the way.

Sincerely, a sick but always active (hopefully will stay that way),

-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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