Hyper Light Up is a non-commercial, independent, press coverage website that is focused on covering the art that is, indie games.

The team behind this newly found effort, is none other than the all-star team of five people that provided indie games content for the IGN Greece franchise. Spearheaded by Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis, the team has worked relentlessly and with only motivator being the love for what they are doing. This team managed to also bring the first ever dedicated indies category to an IGN franchise.

However, seeing the exposure that a Greek website has for indie developers and the amount of freedom the writers had with the content, they decided all together to move to an independent platform (which sounds more fitting for an indie games coverage team anyway) so that they can go switch to top gear and bring their efforts, of bringing good coverage and high exposure to any indie game developer around the world, to new levels.

The website is now ran only by Kelfecil and Dimi, but it is more active than it has ever been and will continue to be so until both of them get very tired.

You can find more about the team members themselves, by checking out the dedicated Team page.

On the website you can find:

    • Features about all sorts of things (recommendation lists, opinion articles etc.)

The website might have some other content from time to time, such as board games related stuff or more general feature articles where one of our writers talks about other non-video game related things. These are categorized for your ease of navigation though.

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Why so many similiraties/references to Hyper Light Drifter?

Well the reason behind that is that we love Hyper Light Drifter. We played it a lot when it came out and we even got to live interview Alex Preston from Heart Machine during our time at IGN Greece. When we left to create this new platform, we were looking for a cool name and we thought that there is nothing better than this when it comes to showing our love for indie games. So after contacting Alex and getting his “ok” with all of this, we decided to go ahead and give it the name as well as a fitting look to the theme, through the use of some of our own original assets.


For press inquiries and other questions, you may message us at:

Contact (at) HyperLightUp (dot) com


HyperLightUp (at) gmail (dot) com

We are always open to any feedback you might have about our content or the website in general. We love hearing from our readers as well as our partners so please do not hesitate to e-mail us or message us through our social media.

Feel free to also join us on our DISCORD channel and talk to us when we’re around. We are all one big family of indie lovers after all!