A Room Beyond Gamescom 2017 Interview

A ROOM BEYOND, is fantasy point and click adventure based on essential subjects of human existence. This novel game draws the drama around the “Fog Wanderer”, a murderous apparition scaring a small village in a Lovecraftian world. Help the villagers to solve the murder mystery and discover your own fate which seems to be oddly woven into the entire drama.

While going through the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom 2017, we found A Room Beyond being showcased as well and had the pleasure of meeting up with Rene Buhling to discuss about the game and its development.

The game is a classic point and click adventure and is comprised of five episodes. In the game, the player is tasked with helping the people of a village that is shrouded in a mysterious fog. The end-goal is to basically figure out what is going on around the village.

The game uses various 2D elements in combination with 3D objects that are found throughout the game. “This is done in order to give the sensation of a pixel art style game, even though it is not,” explained Rene. Some of the main inspirations for the game’s creation are The Last Door, Alone In the Dark and in part the Lovecraftian mythos. Regarding the story and the messages that the studio is trying to convey, the game has been influenced a lot by Bronnie Ware’s book “The top five regrets of the dying. The essential motives of the book, are the drive for the character.” The game will have ten different endings.

The game was developed by one person, Rene himself and the first episode has already been released. It took Rene two years to develop the first episode of the game and during the development process he only had help from outside sources for the localization of the game. There was a prototype for the game running on mobile but Rene then looked at porting to consoles but realized that the control input for a point and click adventure game like his, it would be very hard to make it work well enough.

You can check out A Room Beyond through its website and Steam Page

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