88 Heroes makes its way to Steam

88 Heroes, a new 2D Action gameĀ developed by Bitmap Bureau and published by Rising Star Games has arrived on Steam. While tens of games reach Steam every week, this one has a few very nice gimmicks to it, all to do with the numberĀ 8.

88 Heroes takes place at 8:08 AM August 1988, where Doctor H8 has hatched a devious plan to end the world. The only way to save the planet is through 88 Heroes. Basically, the game is comprised of 88 different stages, all of which have to be completed in 88 seconds. If you lose, your hero dies and you get a new one at random out of a pool of 88 unique ones. As you can see from the trailer and the game description, the developers clearly have some issue with the number 8.

If you were looking for a new, fun action game, this one seems to be a great fit. You can find it on Steam for 15 euros.

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