7th Beat Games Mega Article – Reviews, Previews & Live Interviews

This week we had an amazing time with the developers 7th Beat Games. Having the opportunity to try their newest release, A Dance of Fire and Ice, play test there upcoming title Rhythm Doctor and interview the staff.
Strap yourselves in for another Mega Article!

First! Review – A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice, quietly released on steam during the tail end of January this year. Spear Headed as 7th Beat Games first project and front runner.

The game slowly started picking up speed through February however and was all over twitch by mid February. Why? Well apart from the games lucrative price at $4.50 Aud for 6 sound rocking worlds with additional difficult settings and even Custom levels (coming soon).
Anyone can pick up and play it!

A Dance of Fire and Ice, is completely run off the concept of only using ones space bar in time with the music. Keeping track of the melodies beats through complex patterns of dance as the two elements intertwine through the level at varying speeds. The Soundtrack is memorizing and the harmony of motion along with it just allows you to unplug after a stressful day with an ease of rhythm.

Very few rhythm based games have caught my attention over the years, in part to being tone def and the other part because I’ve never seen quality like this for such a steal! Don’t take my word for it though, if your skeptical you can try it yourself with the free browser demo here.

Score: 8.7/10

A Dance of Fire and Ice is available on Google Play if you’d like to take it mobile. Otherwise you can find it on Steam here, for $4.50 AUD or your regional equivalent.

Now what would out do such a title for a second game? Well 7th Beat Games had an answer to that two. There Second Title is scheduled for the end of the year?!

Second! Preview – Rhythm Doctor

Rhythm Doctor will be leaping onto our Nintendo Switches and Mobile devices late this year, when not mesmerizing us on PC with it’s Steam Release.
As a Rhythm based game, i was surprised at Rhythm Doctors detailed yet pixelated art style, reminding me of the arcade machines of old.

With it’s soundtrack and visuals feeling like a step up, in a ceiling i thought couldn’t get any higher. Rhythm Doctor’s demo is jaw droppingly gorgeous promising to have you spell bound until the end.

What’s even more surprising though is that the community has already started on custom levels?! Using the tool kit provided by 7th Beat Games community members are already creating levels for this unreleased game.
With enthusiasm like that this is a title not to be missed!

If you’d like to check it out for yourself you can access the Rhythm doctor Demo here.
Clairebere has hosted a showing of some crazy custom levels for you to witness here.

For more updates and coverage of 7th Beat Games progress you can join there discord server here.

Third! – An Interview the wonderful Kyle Labriola

We Also had the fortunate opportunity to interview Kyle Labriola, 7th Beat Games Community Manager, and Visual Artist for A Dance of Fire and Ice.

You can watch the full live interview below hosted by our lovely Clairebere.

Or read the full written interview with 7th Beat Games here.

In summary, we want to thank 7th Beat Games. For taking the time to speak with us and provide access to their properties for this article.

We’ve had a blast this week and we wish them all the best with the future release.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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