Netrunner: 4th Euregio Report

Sorry for being so late with writing the report. Time was limited the past few days!

A trip to Aachen on the 7th of November. A tournament on the 8th and a trip back on the same day. That was pretty much one of the biggest highlights of November for me and I’d be damned if I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

This report will be concise yet filled with pictures, so enjoy the view if not the words.

Let me start by saying that, despite how much I believe in my decks, sometimes you might just not make it as well as you think you will, because either you mind is off, thinking about how Worlds is going and getting hyped about that, or maybe because you just suck at playing Android: Netrunner some days. In this case, I will argue that it was the first case that occurred, but some may convince you otherwise.


What? :D

So I rolled my butt all the way to Felix’s place, who was amazing enough to have me stay at his place for the night before the tournament, and despite him forgetting about me, he was so super nice, that I can’t really blame him for just messin’ it up a little bit. He was playing Netrunner as well, so he is well excused. All went well the first day and we even played a super fast game of netrunner with Frederick (Kephalopode) which I lost just because blitz Nisei sucks against Kate apparently.

So, a good night’s sleep in order to get ready for the next day.

Oh man, the next day. The Euregio. It’s important to say at this point, that the top 16 cut for Worlds was being played the same day starting at about 17:00, so there was a lot of hype going round. Our very own Stiv, from the Dutch community made the top 16 cut (and eventually 6th place in the end) so I was really excited to see how he’ll do. Same for some of my other Netrunner friends, notably, Zach, Gary and Dave from the UK. Love these guys and I was not even surprised to see them in top 16, knowing how good Netrunner players they are.

BACK TO THE EUREGIO THOUGH. That tournament was bonkers. So much Valencia that makes one just cringe and start trashing cards off the top of his R&D without a DLR even installed. You know, out of habit in the end of the day. “Fortunately,” I only played against 3 Valencias in 6 rounds of swiss. Phew.

Just because I like to roll with the same signature decklists lately, I went to the Euregio without putting too much thought into what I should play and just brought my Nisei Division and my Silhouette decks. Little to no changes in the decks made me kinda of crumble under some of my opponents, since a lot of people apparently read my reports and posts, making my deck kind of known. There goes the element of surprise. Sets the bar higher for me though, which is something I like. Gotta keep working on dem deckbuilding skills brah.

So let’s start the swiss rounds!
(I don’t remember some of the guys’ names, so I’ll just list the rounds with pics! If you do know names, poke me and I’ll add them.)

Round 1


What’s his name? >.<

First round and I go against someone who said “Oh! I know you man! I’ve read your reports and heard you on commentary!” That was a cool way to start. Kind of made my day to be fair. I’ve had this kind of thing before, you know, where people know you, but being known for doing stuff in a board game community is even more exhilarating I’d say since it’s just fun all around the place.

He played Whizzard and HB and god oh god. The Whizzard game was so darn close, I barely made it. He did destroy me with his HB though. It was the classic (well, not whatever you want to call it) team sponsorship deck. As soon as he scored an Accelerated Beta Test and he fired it, the game was more or less over, since he just pulled out two pieces of ice that made things even more difficult for my slow-in-preparation Silhouette.

Still, good games, gave me a hard first round and got me excited about having to play against good players I don’t know know of yet!

Round 2


Adrian all happy and shit!

This was karma. The 2nd round was against Adrian who played Valencia and NEH (if I remember correctly). If you’ve read my Belgian Nationals 2015 report, you might remember how I beat Adrian in the 4th round of swiss. Well, as I said, karma got me right back since Adrian not only beat me in both the tournament games, but we also switched decks for fun, and he beat me with my decks as well.

I don’t remember his corp deck much, but that could be because it went by so fast. His Valencia deck though was way different of what one would expect. It had no DLR shenanigans going on whatsoever and it was just straight out good ole Anarch tricks.

Well played man. Very well played! I can say nothing less than that since Adrian is a really good player. He’s also a super-cool-awesome guy, so it was super fun playing 4 games with him in a 65 minutes time limit too.

Round 3


Happy mofo.

And then there was this guy. I played Jaro for the 3rd round and man oh man. We had one of those super mind-wrecking Jinteki games where everything was at clutch-match point, but I eventually lost that one.

I did beat his HB though. Some very well calculated runs (if I do say so myself) and ta-daaaa! Win. At least one. I got that going for me, which is nice.

Jaro is a super fun guy to play with and against. I always enjoy games with him so it was super fun to be paired up against him in an actual tournament!

Round 4


I actually won. What. :|

This guy, told me to call him Mr.A because he doesn’t like the internet. So I’ll respect that and call him that way.

So Mr.A played Valencia and NEH. The Valencia was your standard DLR thing and god oh god, it was the most tiresome game of Netrunner I may have ever had. I usually cringe a lot when I see NBN hit the table, but that Valencia had me clicking for credits for at least 3/4ths of the game. I trashed about 16+ resources throughout the duration of the game, with some of them costing about 4 and 6 credits (due to Net Pavillions). In the end, I actually won and to this day, I still wonder how I managed that.

The Silhouette game went to shit, as for some reason, it was like I wasn’t even playing. I don’t even remember if I didn’t get the right draws or if it was just me derping around. It wasn’t even that fast (advance) and in the end, he just scored a 1 pointer to close the game. Which I never saw, despite my 2 normal HQ runs and x1 Legwork.

Oh well. Mr.A was resilient and played his cards well in both games. Maybe in the Valencia game, he could have waited a bit more in order to install many things at once.

Round 5


His name anyone?

I don’t remember the guy’s name, but what I do remember is that he was smiling all the time, which is good. Apparently that’s a thing in Netrunner. A new Netrunner player and a really fun guy to play games with. I really enjoyed both our games and even the ones we played afterwards since we had a bit of extra time. I don’t recall what happened in our tournament games, since most of it got shadowed by the fact that I managed to psychographics out x2 Mandatory Upgrades in the fun game we had later.

He also said “I know your voice” as soon as we sat down, so that was cool. I mean, the guy probably already knew how bad my jokes are. So he was well prepared!

Awesome games, lots of good banter. On to the last round!

Round 6


Ruber being happy and stuff! :P

Ruben is one of the most unconventional players I know. I respect that. He plays out of the ordinary decks when everyone is rolling with the same stuff and he actually plays those things very well. He brought a DLR Valencia, which kind of made me sad to see, but he also brought an Argus deck which I was really curious about what was in there.

First we played the Argus game and I got my Plascrete on turn 4 or something, thus giving me some good protection against dem scorches. Rest of the game flew by with me just making some good calculations and taking meat damage instead of a tag whenever needed. Some well made HQ runs with derezzes and other lock shenanigans allowed me to secure the game.

Next up, Valencia. I am only going to say that the game lasted that long that Ruben went through his entire deck, played all his blackmails (even through Deja Vus) and in the end he only had scored 3 points through a blackmail on a caprice server. I defended my position well and came out victorious.

Very good games for my last round against one of the most fun people to play against/with. Thanks Ruben! Well played!

The End

12th place. Heh. Who would have known that I can suck so much and lose so many games, and still score higher than players like Kephalopode and other good ones. Life is a mystery. But at the end of the day, all I wanted was to just score higher than my friends so that I poke and bug the shit out of them. I’m looking at you, Addy, Markus, Jaro and all you other guys that I already poked.

1st place went to a guy called Guybrush (real name being Nico something), which is something that made me happy, since the guy likes Monkey Island, and I love Monkey Island. So there you have it. Reasons explained.

2nd place was taken by my good Belgian friend Charles Deschutyer and 3rd place by my good Polish-German-Idon’tknowman Krystian, Krystman. Apparently he can kind of hack the planet after all.

I ended up giving all of my winnings away to Ricardo for his Au Revoir tournament (which apparently went really well as well) so overall time and money well spent.

Slideshow with pics from the day:

[slideshow_deploy id=’796′]

I feel like I need to take more trips like these. At first I was scared of going alone to Germany on my own. Not because of being on my own, or because of the trip, or because Germans are scary and I am Greek, but mostly because of the fact that I hadn’t gone to a tournament outside the Netherlands and Greece on my own before. I usually have my loyal compadre, Roberto with me, so we roll down to events like the Euregio together. Robert has all kinds of weird shit going on in his life though, so he couldn’t make it and that kind of made me reconsider.

BUT! (ha…I said butt…) It was worth it in the end and I’ve learnt from it that I should totally venture out and do it more often. I know so many people now anyway that it doesn’t really matter if I go with them or not. I’ll see them and we’ll joke around all day long when I’m there anyway.

A huge bravo and thanks to Falko yet again for organizing one of THE best European tournaments and I really can’t wait for the next one. Apparently, Falko has tons of shit for the next one, so it’s gonna be a good one.

I would love to see a top cut in the next one though, cuz it kinda makes me feel like I’m in a more high-stakes tournament than normal swiss-tournaments. You know, barely make top 8 cut and then soldier all the way to the top.

Anyway! Thanks for reading my report and I do hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave any feedback or things I need to correct!

Also, stay tuned to the Teamwork Cast Youtube Channel, since Krystian will be uploading videos from the top table games of the tournament. I am also commentating on some of them, so if you wanna hear some good Netrunner tactics along with some good jokes, then make sure to check them out!

Until next time…
Keep runnin’ you crazy Netrunner people!
~Just not on my mushin no shined Ghost Branch when I have Scorched Earth in hand~

-Constantine “Kelfecil” Christakis

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