2084 Preview

Have you not had enough cyberpunk stuff in your life yet? Well, fear not, since 2084 is here to fill that void, even if for just a short amount of time.

Given birth to during a global game jam, 2084 is a fast-paced first person shooter set in cyberpunk setting. The whole goal of the game is to just run around and shoot things while at the same time trying to hack consoles. Simple enough right? Well, that’s what the aim for the game was and that is indeed what it does best.

After having spent a good hour or so with the game and finishing all of its (somewhat limited at the moment) content, I came to some conclusions. These are of course going to be things that were found through an early access title, so pay close attention when we can only expect better from the developers from here onwards. On top of that, the developers made the game in a very small period of time, compared at least to the amount of time that a game like this would have probably needed in order to be brought to us the consumers. From conceptualization to development and playtesting, the game could need a whole lot more time than what the team had at its disposal during the game jam.

So, my conclusions then.

Well, the game definitely suffers a little bit from awkwardly running AI. This is quite apparent since the AI-controlled enemies usually make hard turns in order to get around obstacles and move in a seemingly fast way towards us with no acceleration or deceleration whatsoever. Gameplay wise, I would also very much like some choice in weaponry in order to mix things up a bit. The hacking of consoles and whatnot was actually pretty fun and intuitive, considering the fact that you had to run’n’gun’nhack.

Another quite important note would be the somewhat abstract nature of the game’s narrative. Although we are given various cutscenes that show us that we are pretty much in a virtual reality game of sorts, the protagonist of the story seems to go through a situation that we in no way know anything about. It felt as if it is connected to something else, something much bigger and it even gave me the feeling that this is a cyberpunk universe like Observer’s while I was playing it.

The game generally looks great though. Although most items in the game are things you cannot interact with, the scenery is very cyberpunk-y and the illumination of it all just highlights the whole darkness of such a theme. The enemies are quite simple, being zombies, but once the other ones, even with TV screens on their heads, start coming out then things get more interesting since we get to combine hacking and fighting. The bosses were also quite fun, although easy to defeat, so I am expecting more if this game ever gets to see more than just early access and a limited amount of levels.

Overall a fun game that I am looking forward to trying out again if it ever gets more content. Until then though, it is just a game for passing a couple hours or so of your time. Definitely worth checking out if you like the theme and first person shooters.

~ Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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