198X – The electrical Blur of youth

As millennial, myself and alot of us can think back to a more simple time.
A time were we use to spend hours, upon hours down at the local arcade. Chewing through coins, spending lives. 198X looks to recreate this cord of nostalgia with it’s arcade styled coming of age story.

Set for release in less then a week on the 20th of June, with a span of 5 unique titles wrapped up into one. It’s safe to say, we’re excited to see this humble yet charming cyberpunk story, created by Hi-Bit Studio’s unfold.

If your as interested as we are, be sure not to miss our favorite hollow knight hero AfraidOfTheFolly. As he Live Streams Day 1 coverage upon 198X’s release.

(Scheduled Stream: Sunday 23rd June 8pm UK time)
You can find AfraidOfTheFolly’s twitch channel here.

198X will be releasing to PC and Ps4 soon in the meantime, you can check out 198X’s Steam page here.

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