1000 Amps Review

This time we have a different game in our hands. A minimal and seemingly simple puzzle – platformer, 1000 Amps is a game about lighting up rooms by discovering the hidden energy sources. It is brought to us by Brandon Bizzi, an indie developer with a couple more unusual games on Steam. So, what is exactly is 1000 Amps and how could this simple looking game turn out to be more addictive than expected? Let’s find out!

The game introduces us to its basic mechanics right off the bat. We are instructed by on screen text how the energy system works and the first couple of rooms are simple enough to let us grasp the core concepts, while still providing a minimal challenge. As we progress, rooms start to connect with each other through multiple routes and as such, it is a good idea to try and make a mental map of the game’s layout so that you won’t have to refer to the minimap in the game’s menu. However, you can toggle on and off the in game minimap, if that is what works best with your playstyle.

The basics of gameplay are: Enter a room and wander in it until you activate all the energy node blocks. Each node you activate improves your jumping ability and makes it possible to reach previously unreachable ledges. If you happen to leave a room before activating all the nodes, they all turn back off and you have to start from scratch, so be careful! Later on, you will unlock more abilities, such as clicking to teleport on unoccupied spaces by using the energy of one node. Needless to say, the more abilities you unlock the game becomes even more complex and challenging.

The art style of the game surely will not appeal to a larger audience, but those who are into this specific niche will most definitely fall in love with it. It has such a minimalistic and consistent style, that when something new turns up, like a new ability or a new mechanic, you will get really excited. Of course, some problems lie underneath such a minimal approach to a game. I often found myself confused about what type of block I am on, or what it does and it took some trial and error before understanding what I was doing. However, that element of confusion added a bit more to the challenge! I am no fun of such games, but this game with its cute little hero really caught my attention.

Now, let’s talk about my experience with the game. I start off with no idea what I was doing and I fell down from the tree I spawned. As I moved around, blocks appeared, but I wasn’t sure if they would let me fall to my demise or not, so I treaded very carefully. And then BANG! Let there be light. I found the first node. Well, I understood that I did something right because the whole room was revealed and I knew where I was going and where the exits were. I carry on and enter different rooms, with different puzzles and different music. Huge props for the “Ode to Joy” room by the way! I won’t lie, I got frustrated a lot, but since it was not possible to “die” I had simply to re-enter the room if I managed to fall to another room, if there were loading screens it would most definitely make the experience too tedious for me. Some rooms were a piece of cake, while others managed to keep me smashing my head on the desk for a little longer. All in all 1000 Amps, despite not being my type of game, managed to entertain me and impressed me with its simplicity and its complexity (I know that’s paradoxical!).

You will find 1000 Amps on Steam for 4,99€, on Windows and Mac.


1000 Amps is a puzzle game about lighting up rooms and solving, sometimes, mind-bending challenges. While minimalistically designed, it must not fool you into believing it will be an easy game to flow through like a hot knife through butter, be prepared to fail a LOT. An unusual game which really managed to impress me.

+ Clever and challenging puzzles
+ Minimalistic design
Interesting music
– Gets a little bit confusing

Score: 7.9/10
Dimitris “Onel” Zarachanis

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