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Whispers of “another adventure game”?

How many adventure games have you seen being released the last couple of years? A dozen a week? At least? How many of them are sci-fi or cyberpunk in one...


Kelf’s Arcanum – The Void Cliché

For more information on what the “Arcanum” is all about, visit the main category page. Style: Impulsive writingTime to write: 20 minutes (5 minute editing)Subject: Feeling TrappedInspirations: “Void & Meddler” video game, personal experiences, “Atom of Light” from the V&M OST (suggest you listen to this while reading) The Void Cliché 1.00...


2084 Preview

Have you not had enough cyberpunk stuff in your life yet? Well, fear not, since 2084 is here to fill that void, even if for just a short amount of...