Journal: Starting a Journal, yep..

It’s been days now that I’ve been thinking about writing an article based on various topics that plague the interwebz, but I keep coming back to myself, thinking to myself, “why the heck would you want to write about that? That’s so pretentious and there are like 10k other writers who already did that and most probably better than you. idiot”. Yap, that’s pretty much how conversations go with myself.

So the end result was to just put them all down and figure out which one sounds the most interesting. Needless to say that after a long 5 minute storming of thoughts and ideas through a restless cloud of creativity that was floating inside my head, I decided to do none. I was like “fuck it.” Why do I need to portray the problems people already know about? Why do I feel the need to analyze things other people have done already so well and with a better background than just my few lines of musical knowledge? (I’m being modest here, I’m far better than that, keep reading for the sake of curiosity though..)

Well, there is no reason to. I’m not a scientist. I’m not a researcher, even though sometimes I have to act like one for work and uni projects. I am a writer though. Or so I want to believe. There are those times during our everyday lives that we feel compelled to do the things we love, be it that comes in the form of playing a video game or writing or playing music or actually doing something that someone else would find entirely boring. It’s not the same as the need for company or something like that, it’s a totally different feeling. For a writer, that comes a lot of times when he/she is chatting and mumbles long sentences filled with fancy words and academic-level phrases. Yes, I really went with “academic” as an adjective because there are those occasions where a simple conversation can be filled with an overflowing amount of beautiful adjectives you wish you would have used while writing your last blog article. And yet, you are wasting them talking about sharks with added lasers and dead hookers in Rotterdam with your best friend. Yap.

But what better article than a journal? I mean, who doesn’t enjoy learning about other people’s lives, especially when those are at least a little bit interesting. To entice a reader to go through the journals of someone is to invite him to your personal life in some cases and actually show him how you think about the world from time to time. What makes you happy, what makes you sad, what makes you cringe and what makes you wanna throw that devilish smile out there from time to time. That’s what I want to talk about basically. More, or less.

This is like the “formal announcement” of me starting an actual, lame, blog journal kind of thing that all of you can dig into and enjoy in your spare time. A “decent” (wouldn’t say good, I have to be modest now and then) read for anyone willing to spend 2 minutes of their day to go through the shenanigans of a guy with obscure interests and happenings in his every day life.

I promised myself this would be short but it escalated to the point where I’ve already written about 4-5 paragraphs just explaining I’m starting something so I better stop here before I defenestrate myself for writing too much nonsense. I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to narrate as much as I will enjoy writing it, and I hope that some day you will criticize me like the rest of the world for my terrible, and not so intolerable, ideas regarding writing.

-Christakis “Kelfecil” Konstantinos

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