Aaron Nicholls

Born in the 90’s to Queensland Australia, Aaron was an interesting pick for the Hyper Light Up team.

His first introduction to video games was a PS1 copy of Ghoul Panic, this created a domino effect that pushed him into the land of consoles and handhelds at a young age.

Now in his early 20’s and firmly entrenched in the PC Crowd, he enjoys kicking back to a good indie game in the afternoons, excited to experience whatever these new worlds have to offer.

Finding it hard to sit still at any given moment means when he’s not playing games, writing reviews or fixing mechanical devices. He’s commonly seen plugging the gaps in the teams schedule, this made him an excellent fit for the role of PR because he’s always around.

Contact info

E-Mail: aaronnicholls13 (at) gmail (dot) com

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